Trusts, Family Wealth Offices and Fiduciary Services

Building trust requires experience. This trust is built on confidence and reliability established over a period of time in any relationship. In Fiduciary terms, the original meaning of the word is not lost, as the confidence and reliability to establish any business relationship, in turn requires one to have trust in a firm.


With Loita, our experience, and a clear understanding of the importance of trust at all levels of business, puts us in a position to provide personalised services in establishing, managing and settling Trusts. We are a Qualified Trustee and licenced as per the Law, enabling us to set up and manage your Trust with confidence.
The types of Trust we establish include:
• Discretionary Trusts
• Fixed Trusts
• Purpose Trust
• Protective Trust



Family Wealth Offices

Families are unique, just as their own needs and requirements are. With this in mind, the importance of a Family Office understanding your needs is of utter importance, whether it is Administrative, Financial or Personal.

At Loita, we take the time to establish a firm foundation, to build relationships with clients.  We prioritize the need to understand the complexities of structures and help manage their affairs. With the service of Head Office, the aim of good corporate governance is pivotal to ensure businesses within the structure run smoothly.