Mauritius and Angola sign Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement

23rd Aug 2022

In its bid to maintain the standing as the jurisdiction of choice for the African continent, Mauritius’ on August 19 took note of the public declaration to be made on the Non-Double Taxation Agreement with the Republic of Angola.

Mauritius has now signed a Double Taxation Avoidance Agreement (DTAA) with Angola, which aims to:

  1. provide tax certainty to investors of the two countries in their dealings with Mauritius or Angola, as the case may be;
  2.  provide mechanisms to -

    (i) combat tax evasion and other malpractices through collaboration between the two authorities in terms of exchange of information and lending assistance to each other for the collection of tax due to the concerned tax authority; and

    (ii) resolve tax disputes that may arise, through a mutual agreement procedure; and

  3. create a conducive environment for greater investment flows from the Mauritian global business sector to Angola, by providing tax incentives.


The communique can be found here