China and Mauritius Sign Free Trade Agreememt

4th Mar 2021

Following ratification procedures by both States, The Free Trade Agreement (FTA) between Mauritius and China entered into force on 01 January 2021. The Agreement, which is China's first FTA with an African country, is made up of four parts; trade in goods, services, investment and economic cooperation, with an aim of being mutually beneficial.
Mauritius has made provision for individuals entering as business visitors, as Individuals shall be granted a Business Visa for a period of up to 2 years, as a cumulative rate of 120 days provided they do not stay for more than 90 days consecutively. Additionally, other individuals working under foreign service suppliers’ category are eligible to work and stay in Mauritius, subject to meeting the criteria of the different categories.

Regarding goods, Mauritius shall gain immediate duty free access to the Chinese market on over 7,000 tariff lines. Tariffs on an additional 723 tariff lines will be phased out over 5 to 7 years. Additionally, a Tariff Rate Quota for 50,000 tonnes of sugar shall be implemented over 8 years with an initial quantity of 15,000 tonnes, following an addition of approximately 5,000 tonnes per year.